Had an accident? Not your fault.

Being involved in a car accident is a nightmare – from dealing with different parties, to the financial burden and losing your means of transport all in an instant. That’s where No Cost Car Rental come in. We let you grab a rental car at no cost while you wait to get your own vehicle back – regardless of how long the repair takes. Let's talk about your Free Replacement Vehicle.


We guarantee that there’ll be no charges for the car hire - you will simply be responsible for fuel, tolls or speeding fines. We deliver the car to your home, place of work or the repairer at no charge to you and then collect it once your car is back on the road.


We know you’ve had enough nasty surprises already, so you shouldn’t have to also live without a car, or suddenly be out of pocket just to hire one. No Cost Car Rental takes the stress and hassle out of it all so you can get back behind the wheel without any expense.


Why No Cost Car Rental

Our wide range of vehicles means we can provide you with a free replacement vehicle that’s like for like. No Cost Car Rental is a large and reputable company with extensive experience complying with the associated requirements for car hire of this nature. Best of all, No Cost Car Rental takes the hassle away from you at a time you need it most, and at no cost – that’s our guarantee.


What we do

If you have been involved in a car accident and are the not at fault driver, No Cost Car Rental will provide you with a free rental car. The cost of the rental vehicle will be covered by the insurance company of the at fault driver. We deliver the vehicle to your place of work or repairer and then collect it again from there – at no charge to you!


What we need from you

Simply call or apply online and we will provide you with a free rental car if you are not at fault. Our staff are trained specifically for this type of hire and are patient and understanding while you work through a difficult time. We promise to make it as pain-free as possible with the outcome to get you back on the road as quick as we can. All we need is:

  • A claim number from the at fault party
  • Insurance details from both parties
  • Vehicle details from both parties
  • Details of the accident
  • Registration papers may be required

This helps us ensure you are placed in the same position with your hire car as you were before your car was damaged. If you don’t have all the details on hand immediately, we understand and will assist you through the process.